amy s rosenberg


amyboards Hey it’s Amy. I am a staff writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer based at the Jersey Shore. I have two kids and somehow landed in a beach town, at least for now. But Philly, the city that took me in and kept me busy, is never far from my thoughts. I grew up a Knicks fan.

In my 28 years at the Inquirer, I have covered night cops, Philly neighborhoods, Philly City Hall, the Philly theater and arts scene, Atlantic City, beach life, locals, shoobies and Miss America in Vegas. I have profiled the artists Edna Andrade and Tom Chimes, the perennially and unashamedly tan man Bruno Battaglia, the beleaguered and then liberated and then beleaguered again psyche of the Philadelphia sports fan and Edward Weintraut the watchmaker on Walnut Street.

I have tried to find meaning in the closing of countless epic watering holes, the rituals of chair location on the Jersey beaches and the anarchy of the Ventnor Boardwalk. Things got more serious on the beat after Hurricane Sandy, and, again, as Atlantic City convulses. I am a University of Pennsylvania alum and latched onto newspapers at the Daily Pennsylvanian and the Delaware State News. I was famously neck-clenched by then-Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell. You can google it.

Contact me at


on twitter @amysrosenberg.

Here’s my post with excerpts and links to some of my best stuff. Thanks for reading.

Photo creds: I have worked with some incredible photo journalists at the Inquirer and sometimes they even take a picture of me: Top one in the old Inquirer newsroom at Broad and Callowhill by April Saul of the Inquirer.
Below it, on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, by David Swanson of the Inquirer.


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